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Our company is a group of researchers, professors and writers with academic levels of Masters and Doctorate with more than 10 years of experience in the use of research methodology, styles to quote (APA, Vancouver, Harvard, Oxford), processors of text and editors.

Do you want to resume your project and need support to polish those details of syntax, spelling, grammar, punctuation and format? Do you need support to correct your document under specific editorial rules? Do you want a final revision to obtain the optimum quality of your project?

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By contracting our services you will obtain the following guarantees:

Quality and commitment

Our writers are highly qualified as they all have graduate degrees and experience in the use of research methodology, editorial standards, teaching and advice on professional documents. The follow-up to each job is constant, so that no specification is omitted. The best experts give you their experience, skill and dexterity offering a high quality service.

Antiplagiat control

When hiring our services it is verified that each of the projects with which we work are original and unpublished. You can request your report in our anti-plagiarism software, which analyzes the text of your project which is confronted with thousands of existing documents on the web and other sites in all languages.

Our specialists carry out the research to deliver an exclusive professional document, adapting to the standard presentation characteristics used in each type of document; typeface, type of bibliography, number of references, line spacing, etc.


Our quality team verifies the bibliographic references in books and articles proposed to ensure that the sources are verifiable and verifiable, as well as the style and that the writing is unpublished.


Your data will be fully protected and will never be disclosed to third parties outside of our company. The advice and comments necessary for your work will be through e-mail, to guarantee first of all the anonymity of the contractor; and secondly, all the instructions or comments that you send by mail are included in the final document, thus avoiding the omission of instructions.

Delivery on time

Applied Intellect knows the importance of punctuality and commitment to your document so we guarantee your delivery on the date previously agreed.

A correction

If at the end of your document, you omitted any comments, we offer you a correction without any cost as long as this correction does not alter the general structure of the document.